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Jun 170, 2020

Currently, NWEJATC cannot offer CEU classes due to limited staffing. We will resume offering classes when the budget allows the hiring of additional staff.  At this time, we expect to resume regular CEU classes in the fall of 2023.  

Check the following websites for Journeyman CEU classes:





2020 NEC Update: Covers the significant changes to the 2020 NEC. Required class for all WA license renewals.

Conductor Installation: An overview of the requirements of the NEC dealing with the installation of conductors contained in Articles 100, 110, 215, 250, 300, 310 and 408.

Conduit Bending: Covers conduit bending procedures and methods, including layout and calculations, use of hand and power benders and advanced bending techniques.

Electrical Grounding: Covers the fundamentals of grounding and bonding and requirements of NEC Article 250.

Introduction to Fire Alarms: Covers basic definitions and system types, installation practices and fire alarm codes and standards.

First Aid/CPR: 4 hours CEU (class takes about 6 hours), Red Cross or American Heart Association certification.

Hazardous Locations: An overview of the requirements of NEC Articles 500-516.

Heat Trace Cable Installation: Covers requirements and practices for installation of Raychem heat trace cable.

Motor Controls: Covers fundamental concepts of motor control, including theory, diagrams and devices.

NFPA 70E - Electrical Safety Related Work Practices: Covers NFPA 70E, 2015 Edition, and the requirements for recognition of, and protection from, hazards associated with working on or near energized circuits.

Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems: Covers the principles of photovoltaics, along with an overview of system advantages/disadvantages, installation practices and NEC requirements.

RCW/WAC Update: Required for all WA license renewals.

Safety Training (OSHA): Construction safety training. Required to work at Intalco and oil refineries (except Marathon).

Test Instruments: Covers how to select and use various types of electrical test instruments, including meter safety. Includes hands-on practice in the use of various types of meters.

Transformers: Covers fundamentals of theory, types, connections and applications of various types of transformers.

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