The Northwest Washington Electrical Industry JATC is a joint Labor - Management training program established by Local Union No. 191 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Cascade Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association. It is an employee benefit plan responsible for providing training for journeymen, apprentices and others who are employed in the electrical industry under Collective Bargaining Agreements between the Local Union and the Chapter. Its geographical area covers the counties of Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Island, Okanogan, San Juan, Skagit. Snohomish and Whatcom in Northwest Washington.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is the largest electrical union in the world. The IBEW represents workers' rights in all areas of the electrical and telecommunications industry.

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) represents union electrical contractors, who guarantee their installations, who perform quality work on time and on budget, and who take a special interest in their employees.

To provide the highly skilled workforce necessary to meet customer needs and ensure job satisfaction for electrical workers, the IBEW and NECA have teamed up to sponsor the most rigorous and respected apprenticeship training programs.

In 1941, the IBEW and NECA established the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC) which has developed uniform standards that are used nationwide to train thousands of qualified men and women for demanding and rewarding careers in the electrical industry. The NJATC is responsible for setting the guidelines for the various apprentice occupations, developing standardized course curriculum, along with texts, workbooks, testing methods and demonstration equipment for these apprenticeships and a wide variety of journey-level courses and training for the instructors who deliver the course material. The course training is delivered locally by local area JATCs, sponsored by the local units of the two national organizations.

On September 1, 1945 the State of Washington approved Standards of Apprenticeship for the Northwest Washington Electrical JATC. These Standards provide the legal framework by which the apprenticeship training program operates, setting forth the rights and responsiblities of the program and the apprentices that it trains. Over the years the program has grown with the population of the area and with mergers of Local Unions. There are currently nearly 200 apprentices being trained in the program in an area covering over 1/4 of the State of Washington.

The training functions of the JATC are controlled by a Committee made up of six members: three representing labor, who are designated by the Local Union and three representing management, who are designated by the NECA Chapter. The financial matters of the program are controlled by a Board of Trustees, made up of the same individuals who serve as JATC Committee members.

The Committee Members/Trustees are:

Joe Peters, Chairman, who is also Business Manager of IBEW Local Union No. 191
Joe Lorenzo
Frank Fagundes

Cindy Austin, Secretary, who is also Chapter Manager of the Cascade Chapter, NECA
Nancy Williams
Brad Crawford

In addition to training apprentices, we offer training to journey-level electrical workers in various subjects such as electrical code, theory and applications. Licensed journeyman electricians are required to engage in continuing education at their trade in order to maintain their licenses, and we offer such training to over well over 1,000 journeymen each year.

The training program is funded by employer-paid hourly payroll contributions, some of which were given by the employees during contract negotiations. The Washington State Community and Technical College system also funds a portion of the apprentice training. There is no cost for the training for apprentices or other IBEW construction members, other than the purchase of books.

Most of the training is done at the JATC training center in Mount Vernon, with various classes held on weekdays, evenings and Saturdays. Journeyman classes are also held at the IBEW #191 offices in Everett, the Wenatchee Labor Temple and Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake.
306 Anderson Road, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273. Phone: 360-428-5080. FAX: 360-428-3374. Toll Free: 800-707-6678